Designheure, in collaboration with the best designers, has been producing the highest quality Made in France design lamps and high-end lighting solutions since 2005. Simplicity with French taste and elegance is a trademark of Designheure.

The collaboration with Designheure began from a client’s side, who approached us with a request to create scenes for his three new lamps. After a business meeting with the client, where we gained a piece of elementary information and the initial idea, a discovery session followed. A Discovery session is a meeting that we organize with each client to find out the detailed idea and vision of the client. Before starting the creative process, we get a comprehensive overview of the client and his idea of the final visualization:

For what purpose will the client use the visualization? Where it will be placed? In the printed version of the catalogue, on billboards or will it use as a scene on the website?

What are the specifics of the client’s product? Material, colours, parameters, etc.

For which market will the visualization be used? If the client is preparing to launch the product in Asia, the final scene with the product must correspond to the architecture and interior principles of this market.

Our visuals are utilized at the client’s website.


Designheure was a demonstration client of how cooperation should look. We obtained all information from them in a very simple way.  After attending the meeting and discovery session, we received a comprehensive briefing that included 3D luminaire models, product specifics, samples, product photos, and a detailed mood board as the client scene envisions.  We prepared the final visualizations according to the client’s ideas within a few days, thanks to detailed documents.

Luminaire visualizations are often a challenge for graphic designers, and even in this case, we had to slow down during work on a particular Moon luminaire and find out how a particular light behaves and how it changes the interior atmosphere. Because we only got photos of the lights turned off from the introductory briefing, we had to reconnect with Design Heure and get photos of the lights on. Thanks to these additional materials, we had a realistic idea and we completed the final scene in a short time.

Product specifics and samples of the texture from the client’s brief. 


The results of our collaboration are three scenes with an ideal environment for the presentation of new models of Moon, Tower, and Shield luminaires from the French Designheure manufacturer, which was used in the new catalogue and on the website.


If you are wondering why Designheure chose visualization rather than the photography of their upcoming products, the answer is very easy. If your company is launching a new project, it takes a lot of time and effort while you will reach a final product ready for market launch. It means, that until you do not have your final product, you are not able to prepare photo shooting, catalog, or other marketing materials for product launch. Thanks to the cooperation with us, Designheure was able to use the time and effort to prepare and finalize the product itself.

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