Reviving of the old imagery

USM is the renowned Swiss manufacturer of iconic mid-century modern modular shelving systems. Since the 1960s the company has played a major role amongst world-class furniture brands. Therefore, we are truly proud to be the leading partner for USM Global since 2019, working with their US, French, Japanese and Swiss branches on a regular basis.

Our first objective was to come up with abstract, minimal environments in which we could place products of different categories such as home office, kids’ room, living room etc. The main challenge was to make the products look appealing through the use of auxiliary furniture and decoration, without making the key products fade into the background.

This project has been a great success in terms of reviving the old imagery that the client previously used. It has brought vibrance and freshness into the visual language of USM. Visual consistency and specific articulation of the pictures help our client to increase brand recognition through social media and other channels.

USM retailer web

Utilization of our visuals on the website of USM retailer.

Emphasizing uniqueness and aesthetic qualities of products

USM has also utilized the visuals and packshots in their online presentations and brochures. Moreover, the imagery we have created also serves various authorised dealers as a useful tool that demonstrates the qualities of USM furniture.

Through the utilization of generic furniture pieces and subtle decor, we have been able to accomplish the ideal harmony of negative space in combination with the actual key interest pieces in the imagery. Colour harmonies, patterns and material combinations were carefully chosen in order to accentuate the product’s unique aesthetics.

Geometric, structural USM modular furniture pieces are mid-century modern design icons. To emphasize their uniqueness and aesthetic qualities, we have placed promoted pieces in expressively coloured, minimalistic environments, accenting their value and highlighting the fact that they harmonize with contemporary settings as well.

USM brochure

Utilization of our visuals in our client’s brochure.

Attention has also been paid to the composition, also taking into account the possibility of further cropping by the client when using the imagery for various online and offline purposes.

The colour and quality of the materials were of absolute importance. Since the products are quite minimal in and of themselves, it had to be executed perfectly. That is why certain details such as door handles, hinges and chrome joints and legs were carefully remodelled in order to make the products 1:1 to the originals.

We have successfully completed the task thanks to our team of 3D modellers. Their skills and experience guarantee that the models are always of the highest quality.

USM Instagram

Our visuals attract the audience on USM social media.


Over the course of one month working on our first project with USM, we were able to deliver over 70 unique pieces of imagery along with twice as many isolated packshots. These were over both white and transparent backgrounds, with all of the variable rendering passes for the client to further edit and tweak the images based on their particular needs.

Utilizing this approach, the client was able to get virtually any variant of the product – open, closed, with or without accessories, in any colour or decor that they needed at that particular moment.

USM retailer M2L website

Our visual on USM New York based dealer M2L.