AR Visual has partnered with Living Divani to create a stunning tool for the presentation of their new collection – a virtual apartment. It allows the public to take a digital stroll through living areas, a dining room, a bedroom, and a large outdoor terrace furnished with the latest products from this renowned Italian manufacturer.

Living Divani has been an esteemed producer of high-end furniture since the 1970s. The company is well-known for their simple yet unmistakable style, which is characterized by sleek, elegant, and dynamic shapes. Their furniture has become a point of reference within the design scene.

Living Divani virtual apartment living room

White circles on the floor mark the viewpoints.

Our partners from Living Divani contacted us with the idea at the end of 2020, providing us with floor plans and 3D models of the furniture they wanted to showcase. AR Visual’s team of art directors, 3D visualizers, designers and developers was able to create all of the visualizations as well as creating all of the coding, enabling movement within the virtual apartment to be smooth and flawless.

Thanks to the success of this project, AR Visual is currently working on a second virtual apartment for Living Divani.

Enhancing the design qualities

As for the virtual apartment itself, we have designed it with a focus on enhancing the pure and essential shapes of Living Divani furniture. The wooden floors and white walls of the apartment are enriched by paintings with delicate colours and geometric compositions.

Living Divani virtual apartment entrance

The entrance area introduces the Aero V valet stand by Shibuleru. “This product expertly composes uprights and matt-black painted shelves, in a calibrated simplicity that betrays a sophisticated work of subtraction,” our partners from Living Divani state in their official press release.

The visitor then enters a large living room bearing the signature of Piero Lissoni – Living Divani’s creative director since 1988. “Tribute to the essence of elegance, the Sumo lenticular sofa infuses dynamism, character and energy into the space with its slender and unique silhouette, rigorous but fluid,” explains the Living Divani press release. The tapered and essential shape of the frame counters with the wide and welcoming padding. “The combination of these two apparently contrasting elements amazes, with a proportionate and harmonious result,” the press release continues.

The area is completed by a pair of Piero Lissoni’s iconic Frog armchairs. The centerpiece of this interior is the Grek coffee table by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, characterized by its industrial aesthetic. The Island’s free standing storage units by Stephen Burks serve as complementary furniture.

Living Divani virtual apartment living room

The simple yet sophisticated dining room develops around the Brasilia table by David Lopez Quincoces. This design embraces free and sensual curves inspired by nature, rejecting straight angles. It is complemented by Maja D armchairs with housse by Piero Lissoni.

“Scenographic presence, Aero B bar cabinet by Shibuleru shares the same lightness of the bookcase, concealing a container through shutter doors that slide along the perimeter, offering a dynamic alternation of full and empty spaces,” continues Living Divani’s press release in describing the important elements of the project.

Outdoor collection

When the visitor moves to the terrace, they will encounter a selection of the Living Divani’s Outdoor collection, showcasing reinterpreted classics such as Piero Lissoni’s Extrasoft, soft and cocooning version of Extra Wall, the first revolutionary product to offer a 360° view in the living room. “It becomes a graphic design in the space, a game of geometries accompanied by the Family Lounge Table, a steel sheet with a very simple silhouette that acts as a comfortable table top,” adds the press release.

Living Divani virtual apartment terrace

The sculptural shapes of the Wedge table by Arik Levy enchant, revealing a set of symmetries inspired by the lightness of an origami, accompanied by the Rivulet chair by Junpei & Iori Tamaki. It’s structure is embellished with distinctive decorative weaving.

Other significant pieces of the Outdoors collection are presented as well. The visitor can admire Agra sofas by David Lopez Quincoces with their elongated silhouettes and neoclassical elegance, combined with the Ile coffee tables featuring delicate smoky gray glass tops.

The virtual stroll continues inside, leading the visitor to a “telescope corridor” showing the Inari console by Mist-o, a designer duo composed by Tommaso Nani and Noa Ikeuchi based in Milan and Tokyo. Their piece combines traditional Japanese style with renowned Italian design qualities. The elegant Inari console is made up of steel sheet elements creating a harmonious whole. Mario Ferrarini’s Galileo mirror is also characterised by visual harmony.

Living Divani virtual apartment bedroom

Bedroom and relaxation room

Within the interior, the visitor can also discover a relaxation room and a sleeping area. The relaxation room features the modular sofa Floyd-Hi 2 System by Piero Lissoni, characterized by the armrest set between the backrest and the seat that gently curves.

“This upholstery family allows to combine fluid and reassuring shapes that develop in space to create the desired composition, for solutions with great sobriety and generous seating,” explains Living Divani’s press release. It is combined with the Islands Low Table by Stephen Burks.

The scene is illuminated with the Light with a table floor lamp. This sophisticated product by Keiji Takeuchi transforms the lamppost into a multi-purpose domestic sculpture. “It’s essential and graphic silhouette, with retro style references, is the result of a skillful construction: a base to provide stability, a metal tube that curves and ends in a source of light and a table connected to it, equipped with wireless charging technology,” adds the press release.

Living Divani virtual apartment corridor

When the visitor ventures to the opposite side of the corridor, they can enter the bedroom area. The centerpiece of this interior is the Floyd-Hi Bed by Piero Lissoni, characterized by large and soft cushions that rest on a lower headboard, creating a pleasant play of heights, joints and textures in the sign of three-dimensionality and purity of lines.

The bed is surrounded by the Track bench by David Lopez Quincoces in leather, the cylindrical Moon bedside table by Mist-o in charcoal-dyed oak, and the Era bedside table by David Lopez Quincoces. Light for reading in bed is provided by the Materica table lamp by Leonardo Talarico. This sculpture object captures a fleeting intuition and embodies the idea of elimination of the superfluous.

The new Era Scrittoio desk, along with the George’s chair in the light version, creates an ideal study-corner. “The wood veneered top, the lacquered sides and front of the drawer, the gunmetal gray coloured tubular steel structure and the contrasting brass feet create a harmonious composition in the space,” state our partners from Living Divani.

Living Divani virtual apartment bedroom

The bedroom also contains an elegant reading area with the Greene armchair by David Lopez Quincoces as its centre. It is characterized by its thin feet and the external shell accommodating large cushions. The Off Cut bookcases by Nathan Yong, made by assembling small pieces of solid wood, play an important role in completing and defining the scene.

The Sin Titulo and Ceci n’est Pas un Baroque carpets, designed by Harry Paul, and Misore design Mist-o, were chosen to complete the idea of a world characterized by great quality, with attention paid to every small detail, where you are able to live within a casual and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Living Divani virtual apartment relaxing room